Elevated and timeless design to create a space you'll never tire of - while our full scale process ensures everything is expertly handled from start to finish.

luxury kitchens + Interiors in nashville, TN & beyond

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Elevated and timeless design to create a space you'll never tire of - while our full scale process ensures everything is expertly handled from design, build, and
project management.

At Holly Thompson Design, we believe your spaces should be a beautiful reflection of you, your family, and the life you create within each space. Your home is worthy of an original, one-of-a-kind, custom design that is life-giving and makes you smile every time you open the door.

Custom Kitchen and Interior Design Uniquely Aligned With You

Our team of artisans and vendors are all hand-selected for their extensive understanding of the needs for not only high-end clientele, but also in choosing the very best selections for the highest value areas of the home - kitchens and baths.

Our unique knowledge of techniques, processes, materials, and execution, specifically for luxury kitchens and baths, is one of our biggest strengths.

For clients building a new, custom home that are looking for expert guidance and a done-for-you solution for choosing the finishes, flooring, and selections in your new home. 

New Build Consultations

We specialize in luxury kitchen and bath renovations, from initial concept and space planning to completed space. 

Custom Design & Renovation

our signature service

Our Quickest Turnaround

Since 2017, we’ve perfected a streamlined process to support and guide you as you entrust your home to us — we're interior designers and construction professionals who have created award-winning designs for our trusted clients. Our interior design process is crafted intentionally, so you never have to wonder what’s coming next, but simply enjoy the beautiful results.

Discover Our Signature Process

Now is the truly fun part - bringing the space to life with beautiful and high-end selections for your appliances, lighting, flooring, countertops, backsplashes and beyond. We allow one set of revisions during this phase.

Step 3: Design Boards


During this phase, we will create 3D line drawings and a visual inspiration for the space. We want to all be in alignment for the placement and overall space before we get to add the fun part - all the selections, finishes, and hardscape that comes next. We allow one set of revisions during this stage. 

Step 2: Preliminary Design +  Drawings 


We will meet you and your family to discuss your vision, goals, and budget. Our goal is always to see how we can serve you best and if we are the right fit to achieve your vision.

Step 1: Your Questionnaire + Initial Discovery Meeting


Once contracting and installation is complete, we will do one last site visit and walkthrough to ensure everything exceeds your expectations. Time to celebrate and think about your next project! 

Step 5: Final Walkthrough + Celebration


Once Phase 3 is complete, we move into a consultative role and your contractor will take the helm. We will be visiting the home for site visits to ensure the project and installation are smooth and effortless and to solve any problems should they arise. However, the contractor will be responsible for any change orders after we sign off during Phase 3. 

Step 4: Ordering + Project Consultation


We specialize in luxury kitchen and bath renovations, from initial concept and space planning to completed space. We reimagine your existing space and create a stunning new space that exceeds your expectations.

We do other rooms as well, but usually as part of a larger project.

What do you do?

question #1

We take on larger-scale projects, with the minimum project size being a kitchen. From there, our clients are often also doing baths and living spaces, from space planning to furniture and decor.

We specialize in higher-end finishes and materials, but can do lower-end spaces if needed. Sometimes, people will be doing a higher-end kitchen and primary bath, and lower-end auxiliary baths.

What kind of projects do you take on?

question #2

We would love to help you reimagine your kitchen, but we are only able to take on a limited number of new projects per year.

This means we have to prioritize the larger projects over the smaller ones, and are unable to take on consultation-only projects.

Can I just get a kitchen consultation?

question #3

Our process is collaborative from start to finish, and we don’t do anything without your approval.

We have a thorough process of getting to know your needs and your style, and combining that with the realities of your existing space, your budget, and your time frame. 

To learn more about our process, see our How We Work page.

How do I know I'll like the design?

question #4

We do! We generally do furniture and decor for clients who are also doing renovations, but if you have a large project that only needs furniture and decor, reach out and we’d be happy to help you.

Do you offer furniture selections or decor?

question #5

Absolutely. We are a LaCornue dealer and you do not need to be utilizing our design services or contracting team to purchase a LaCornue.

We provide free quotes on LaCornue custom Chateau ranges, CornuFe ranges, and LaCornue hoods. We take care of the ordering and delivery process for you.

Can we buy a LaCornue range from your firm?

question #6

It depends on how big your kitchen is, how much construction you are doing, and the quality of your finishes, among other things.

These are things we will discuss in our first meeting with you, so we can create a kitchen that suits your style and needs.

How much does a custom kitchen cost?

question #7

Yes. While we have high-end contracting teams to refer you to, you are more than welcome to choose your own contractor for projects with Holly Thompson Design. We specialize in the design and selections and love partnering with local talent to help with the installation and build.

After we sign off on our design plans and selections, we then transition into project consultants to help bridge the gap and ensure quality control.

Can I use my own contractor?

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